Are You Self-Conscious About Yourself? Try Meditation for Confidence

In today’s world, it is wearisome to establish and manage a sense of self-worth which makes it elusive to manage genuine confidence.  We can say that having and maintaining genuine confidence is among the biggest challenges. These challenges bring forth a lack of self-worth or self-esteem. Regrettably, having low self-esteem promotes business. In a materialistic world, it is conveyed what we should be and what we shouldn’t be. For instance, all advertisements show us how our skin may be flaky and how we need a specific lotion to hydrate it. And many times, it triggers our lack of self-confidence not just in our skin but in our lack of self-worth too. 

Meditation is the ultimate solution to this feeling. It allows us to deal with our rising thoughts about ourselves and better manage those wild thoughts. Meditation aids in creating self-worth, and self-confidence and redefines the definition of how we look at ourselves. 

The Difference between Ordinary & Genuine Confidence 

There is a massive distinction between having ordinary confidence and genuine confidence. We can formulate that ordinary confidence is in reference to someone in our circle. For instance, when you feel you are being confident, it is most like you are comparing yourself with someone, or something in the outside world. 

On the other hand, genuine confidence has nothing to do with comparing yourself with someone or something. In other words, it is not related to relationships. It is actually on the basis of what a person genuinely feels about themself, about their self-worth, regardless of any circumstance or relationship. 

The Fault in Our Thoughts

Marketing tactics are trickly and truly play with our minds. Mainly, there is a fault in our own thinking that allows these tactics to play with our mindset. All kinds of infographics, images, and references that belong to the marketing industry are used to reinforce, restructure, and trigger the inferiority complex that we all experience at some level. Men having six-packs, women having the perfect beach body, and flawless skin are shown to us which rewind our minds to compare ourselves to them. But it does not make us feel better rather we start feeling worse, remorse, and multiple other negative feelings. Our self-confidence that was already too less shatters and we might even go into depression. We then negate to unrealistic solutions such as crash diets, challenges, products, gym memberships, and more. 

But this is not just limited to physical appearances but rather psychological experiences and emotions too. For instance, while we are in corporate slavery, we might get offended by a fact that is true but yet we fail to acknowledge it. Rather than taking it as constructive criticism, we develop negative sentiments, and feelings, and fail to disassociate ourselves with those feelings. It gets embarrassing. We feel exposed, inadequate, and out of the box. It reminds us about our existing thoughts “I am not good enough”. 

But do you know what is the worst thing we do? We play those thoughts over and over again and go through the same feeling, emotions, and pain that we did at that time. This is the most confused way we work which we shouldn’t be. Nevertheless, nobody wants to be in these compromising situations and so should you! 

Meditation: The Ticket To Self-confidence 

The most popular way we can overcome this feeling is by practicing meditation on a regular basis. It means that we need to connect with our inner self and truly understand our self-worth. We need to understand that no amount of comparison, relationship, or things define our self-worth. And that is where genuine self-confidence can help. But obviously, it is more easier said than done. 

Even if we develop ways to see things clearly and recognize our patterns, we are too much a mystery for ourselves to truly understand our self-worth. It is why we need to break our patterns into smaller ones to have a better understanding. But how do we learn to do this? 


When you begin meditation, you simply sit and watch how respiration works while you allow your thoughts to rise. Then you dont judge yourself and let your breath be your focus point. Slowly and carefully you bring back your attention to your focus point and overcome any sense of comparison. Your sit without judging yourself. 

How Meditation brings back Your Self-Concious?

When you start meditating, all types of thoughts arise in your mind. Maybe it some sort of embarrastement that keeps you up at night, maybe its a sense of indignity that you may feel repeatedly, or maybe it the happiness that you experienced ones. No matter whatever it is, it should all be brought back to the main focus. Your breath. Every time, bring back your focus to your breath. 

When you do this, you gradually and organically start to distance yourself from the story that your thoughts are instilling in you. It is because our emotional thought process does not seem to be very sticky and real and there are less chances it is going to take back control. When you relax yourself, theer are high chances that you ll let go of the tensions that come with those thoughts. This will most likely lead to you cultivating sense of well-being.  

How Our Meditation Courses Help You Cultivate Self-Confidence?

Meditation allows individuals to be increasingly stable by investing in their wellbeing. Our courses will aid you in bringing back your focus to your focal point no matter whatever challenges you might be facing. It also lets you have genuine confidence while you are in your natural state of mind. In short, our online meditation classes give you the key to discovering and cultivating genuine confidence. 

To be clear, let’s put it this way. You opt for our customized meditation, or mindfulness courses and they’ll help you connect yourself with your basic goodness. So that you can genuinely radiate instead of burdening others with negative vibes such as jealousy, competitiveness, and negativity. 

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