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Why Anger Control Classes Are The Best Option In 2022?

As per the recent statistics, it was found that 22% of US adults had experienced anger, 39% of respondents said that they were worried and 35% of participants said that they were extremely stressed. In light of the above figures, the importance of emotional regulation courses and strategies cannot be denied in 2022. We know that anger is a universal emotion and it only becomes a problem when it is not managed properly. Mismanaged anger takes in the form of aggression and is a violent behavior that destroys anything in its path. For example, aggressive behavior directed towards property is called vandalism. Aggressive behavior turned inward leads one to depression. So, the importance of anger management in 2022 cannot be denied. 

Furthermore, the consequences of chronic anger include migraine, digestion issues, cloudy thinking, and high-stress levels., It negatively impacts the quality of sleep and relationships. Relationships get impacted because of the communication gaps and poor quality of communication. An angry person talks in a critical and contemptful way. It raises internal defensiveness in people and damages the relationship. 

What Can An Anger Management Course Offer?

An emotional regulation class directed towards anger control helps the person to express their needs and wants in a healthy way. In other words, it means that they will get assertiveness training. Moreover, individuals will learn to identify their anger triggers and self-soothing strategies. The instructor will also help them deal with their maladaptive thoughts. Maladaptive thoughts are negative and unhealthy beliefs that worsen any issue for the person (in this context, it is anger). The guide can also do role plays with the learner that can help the person to master new skills. Thus, the anger control class has so much to offer.  

Signs of Anger Issues

  • The person hurts others and themselves frequently i.e. they engage in self-harm.
  • They become aggressive often
  • Constant feelings of regret and guilt
  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of job time
  • Lack of close relationships

All of the above indications show that the person needs to work on themselves and especially on their emotional regulation.

How can Group or Individual Therapy be Beneficial?

It depends upon the individual whether they want to learn in an individual setting or a group/ class environment. Both of them have their pros and cons. Advantages of group therapy include normalization of the experience, and several chances to practice with peers. A disadvantage of it is that a person won’t be able to work on their personal issues in depth. In such cases, they can opt for individual sessions. In case the individual has some underlying mental health issues that are the cause of their angry outbursts, individual sessions will help them. The deep-rooted mental health issues can be lack of self-confidence, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse disorder (SAD).

5 Techniques That Help With Anger Control


Meditation practices are widely known for enhancing self-control. They not only enhance emotional control but also improve self-esteem and symptoms of depression. Meditation exercises are effective because they involve both training your focus and breathing exercises. Some of them also make use of positive affirmations for programming the subconscious mind. In addition, breathing exercises have extreme significance because they impact the movement of the diaphragm in the abdomen. It helps lower the cortisol levels in the body.  Training your focus helps tackle negative thoughts in the mind. As per the research published in NCBI, it was concluded that mindfulness meditation helped young participants to manage their anger effectively. Hence, they were able to control their aggression.



Yoga is famous for developing a strong connection between the mind, body, and spirit. There are different types of yoga that can help a person take control of their anger effectively. For example, Bikram yoga, Restorative yoga, and Hatha yoga. Yoga meditation involves different bodily movements and breathing practices but their ultimate goal is the same. As per the research mentioned in Science Daily, it was inferred that yoga exercises are effective for stabilizing the mood and managing the intense feelings of anger.



There are times when life goes out of control. It can impact your perception of life significantly. So, the person starts taking life too seriously and even minor events and mishaps start irritating the individual. 

In the above cases, humor is the best antidote. It helps the individual to wind down and relax quickly. It encourages the person not to take life so seriously and let go of any minor incidents that occur on a daily basis. According to the research mentioned in NCBI, it was shown that humor has the power to reduce stress and decrease anger. It is also effective for increasing relationship quality.



No one can undermine the importance of physical activity in reducing stress, increasing physical health, and improving mood. According to the research highlighted in Science Daily, it was determined that only a ten-minute long physical activity can help enhance mood and improve cognitive ability. Another research mentioned in NCBI concluded that exercise is the best way to improve your mental health. It also improves libido, quality of sleep and reduces cholesterol levels. Hence, exercise is beneficial for controlling intense feelings of anger. 


The assertiveness training improves a person’s communication skills. It helps them communicate their needs to the other person in a responsible way. Assertiveness is different from being passive and aggressive. It is the middle way because it does not violate the rights of others as well as oneself. In an assertive statement, the emphasis and significance are given to the speaker, or the subject “I” is used. For instance,

“I feel disrespected whenever you disturb me during working hours.”

Final Remarks

All in all, anger is a normal human emotion and it takes continuous monitoring. Due to this, the importance of anger control classes cannot be neglected in 2022 and years ahead. The five techniques mentioned above can be taught in an anger management class. Keep in mind that controlling anger is part of personal development and it increases life satisfaction. Furthermore, there are courses offered by Sixees that can help you with mastering your emotions.

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