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Meditation allows you to practice focusing your attention. If you learn to focus, you will be able to avoid concentrating on other aspects of your life or your history, making your judgment less likely to be clouded.

When people are anxious, they often have negative reactions. Emotions have a way of getting the best of you. You can educate your body and mind to retain a sense of serenity by practicing tranquility through meditation, so you’ll be better prepared to manage genuinely stressful situations.

Meditation activates brain areas that assist people in recovering more rapidly from stressful events and regaining emotional balance.

There are numerous distractions in life, and even the sounds in your surroundings might distract you during meditation for beginners. You eventually learn to let those outside influences, as well as your wandering thoughts, pass you by without criticizing them. Because you’re educating yourself not to pass judgment, this might help you build empathy.

Course Description

The most essential thing to do to improve emotional intelligence is to build a sense of present awareness that is free of distractions and to practice often. Sixees’ “Master Your Emotions” will offer you skills and ways to reprogram your thoughts and feelings so you may build a better future for yourself and be inspired.

This course will teach you how to employ meditation to build emotional intelligence, which will allow you to detect unpleasant feelings (like worry) as they occur, understand the triggers that create the emotion, and conquer the emotion. Being able to manage with and prevent high-intensity stress, worry, and fear unlocks our greatest skills, allowing us to pursue our wildest ambitions, and is a powerful component that is frequently missed when comparing those who succeed and those who do not. 

Why You Need This Course

If you’re dealing with a lot of uncertainty in your life and want to feel more secure and at ease, this course is for you. Or if you’re anxious and want to learn how to deal with life’s ups and downs and perform better under pressure. Alternatively, perhaps you suffer from anxiety, dread, or worry and wish to learn how to manage these feelings.

Sixees truly understand that you’re tired of feeling like your emotions are out of your control and that you don’t want to live a life filled with drama, conflict, or emotional pain. You just want to learn more about your emotions, how they function, and how to regulate them. Most importantly, you want to learn to master your ideas, prevent negative, obsessive thinking, and silence your inner critic.

Sixees’ “Meditation for Emotional Intelligence” will revolutionize your life and the lives of those you love.

How to Begin

Emotions may come over us like a wave, overwhelming us and overpowering us at the moment, or we can block emotions out and refuse to rise to them. Both of these are harmful to us as humans; we need balance within ourselves to have a life that we can enjoy and prosper in, and increasing our Emotional Intelligence levels provides us with that balance.

This course has been designed to be practical and to the point. Come see it for yourself; the introductory video is available. When you sign up for this training course, you’ll have immediate access to a wealth of instructional information, including videos and accompanying papers to help you learn more effectively. You will also get access to all content updates.

Key Takeaways from this Course

  • Learn how to apply emotional intelligence in your relationships, in business, and in your daily life.
  • Recognize your emotional triggers and take steps to reduce their impact on your emotions and behavior.
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-control by identifying your negative thought patterns.
  • Strengthen your social and professional interaction by practicing empathy and active listening.
  • Recognize and deal with your negative feelings (anger, stress, sadness).
  • To increase your contentment, use tried-and-true emotional intelligence strategies.

Topics for this course

52 Lessons

Welcome To The Course!

“Thank You” And “Welcome” To This Course!00:00:00
My Personal Story About Emotional Intelligence And Emotion Mastery00:00:00
My Promise To You As A Coach And Instructor In This Course00:00:00
Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models00:00:00
Potential Hurdles / Limiting Beliefs That Can Prevent You From Learning00:00:00
[Activity] Congratulations & Action Steps00:00:00

Before You Begin – A Brief Introduction To Emotions

Getting To Know Yourself – Part 1 – Your Emotional Inheritances

Getting To Know Yourself – Part 2 – Moods And Their Influence

Bust A Move – Learning To Give Yourself A Break From Mental “Chatter”

Declarations And How To Bring Joy And Satisfaction Into Your Life 5 lectures

Approaching Resentment & Resignation With Lightness And Curiosity

Looking Ahead To Create A Satisfactory And Joyous “Hoped For” Future

Life Is Meant To Be Lived Joyously… Stepping Lightly And In Joy

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