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We live in a fast-paced world where we must be aware of everything at all times. While we spend time on career – life, we have very little time to focus on what is most important in our life. People are straining to keep up with all that is going on in their lives at the same time. As a result, people must sacrifice one aspect of their lives to dedicate time to the other.

People have undoubtedly been looking for the most effective strategy to enhance all parts of their lives, including physical, mental, relational, self-development, and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga not only strengthens bodies and soothes the mind, but it can also show us that everything is possible with a little creativity.  

Course Description

Yoga provides several physical and mental advantages, including energizing and engaging the body, developing flexibility, strength, and stability, and relieving tension and anxiety.

Sixees’ “Yoga Poses for Everyone” is a well-structured and well-crafted course in which you may begin by learning the fundamentals of yoga and work your way up at your own pace. You’ll discover the fundamentals of yoga and be exposed to a variety of moves and positions that will provide you with a wealth of health and well-being advantages. 

As you improve and gain confidence, this online yoga course: yoga for everyone, includes a variety of guided courses as well as encouragement to create your own custom yoga sequences. This will keep you excited and motivated to incorporate yoga into your daily practice.

Why You Need This Course

This online yoga course is for anybody who has ever had a passing interest in yoga but has never had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful discipline. This training does not require any prior understanding of yoga. 

This course is also appropriate for people who have tried yoga but have been unable to commit to specific courses due to scheduling constraints. The course was designed with every type of individual in mind, but it may also be enjoyed by people who have some prior yoga experience.

This course is ideal for anybody who wishes to practice yoga at their own pace and at their own leisure. It’s also ideal for folks who wish to get the advantages of yoga.

How to Begin

“Yoga Poses for Everyone” by Sixees is designed for all kinds of people. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge. Sixers will teach fundamental yoga poses that can be practiced by everyone without difficulty in this session. This training will also teach you how to use various props to assist you achieve the correct posture. 

Warm-up movements, sun salutation, standing asana, sitting asana, supine asana, and abdominal asanas will all be covered. You’ll learn about several new stances as well as their advantages. This course is a terrific place to start and will help you practice yoga on a regular basis.

Key Takeaways from this Course

Sixees’ “Yoga Poses for Everyone” is designed for those who are new to yoga and desire simple, gradual training. This course is for you if you haven’t exercised in a while or if you are so tight that you feel like a rubber band about to snap. Yoga Fundamentals will assist you in the following areas:

  • Decrease stress and target the areas of the body where you carry stress.
  • Increase flexibility and no….you don’t need to touch your toes for that.
  • Build stamina one class, one pose at a time.
  • Learn the foundational postures you’ll see in most yoga classes at a slow pace with lots of instruction.
  • Tune in and do self-check-ins to see how you can best take care of yourself moving forward.

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

How Online Yoga Classes can Transform your Personality?

Get Started with Yoga Online Courses!00:00:40
Get to Know your Instructors!00:00:56
What do you Need to Get Started?00:00:34
What Equipment do you Need?00:1:47
Initial Relaxation Poses00:04:14
Digging into the Relaxation Poses – Basic Sitting Posture00:2:58
Getting Familiar with Initial Twisting Poses00:7:53
Learn the Tabletop positions00:00:00
What’s inside Balancing Positions?00:2:39
Learn about Cat,-cow-and-downward-dog yoga positions00:3:42
What’s Inside Chataranga-dandasana?00:4:9
Kickstart Flowing-into-standing-poses00:5:48
Ignite and learn the child-pose00:1:14
Flowing-into-more-standing-poses + A flashback00:11:49
Ease Yourself and Calm your Heart Rate00:02:34
Stretch yourself with 3-pose00:05:22
Breathing Exercises00:02:24
What things to eat before starting a workout?00:04:31
What things to eat before starting a workout?00:04:31

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