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Meditation for Energy – The Road Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone wants to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. With the advancement in technology and society as a whole, the changes are happening so quickly that humans can’t cope with all of it. So, it results in exhaustion, low productivity, and a decline in mental health. Hence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimal level of energy becomes extremely difficult. 

Mindfulness meditation exercise has great potential for improving energy levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also boosts productivity by improving self-confidence and self-awareness. When like-minded people gather for daily meditation practice, it builds a strong sense of community. Hence, meditation is one of the excellent ways to boost energy levels.


How does Meditation Work for Restoring Energy?

Do you want to have good energy throughout the day? Of course, everyone desires it. It becomes more clear when we see big companies spending millions of dollars on energy drinks. However, they only provide energy for a short time which creates a need for another drink. It means that they are not a stable source of energy and harm the body more than benefit it. Moreover, they contain refined sugar which is extremely harmful to the body and the brain. It results in more physical and mental stress.

Meditation exercises develop self-awareness which results in self-care so an individual feels empowered to make better decisions for themselves. For restoring energy levels to the optimal state, it is important to work on effective stress reduction. Fortunately, meditation exercises significantly help with it. It happens because of deep breathing exercises and their link with the movement of the diaphragm. It signals the body to relax and calm down. Hence, meditators feel energized after the session. 


Meditation Brings Positive Brain Changes

It has been proven through research time and again that meditation brings positive changes in the brain e.g. increasing the thickness of the gray matter. The change especially happens in the frontal lobe of the brain. The frontal lobe is responsible for maintaining physical movement, problem-solving ability, and memory (short-term and long-term). Furthermore, it helps people manage their impulses. 

In research published in NCBI, it was found that Buddhist monks experienced changes in their brain structure after long hours of meditation. It helped them pay attention better than amateurs. Hence, the positive changes in the brain empower one to feel energized.  


Meditation Enhances Sleep Quality

Good quality sleep is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, those who keep thinking about their responsibilities and other chores only increase their stress. There are serious consequences of constant worrying such as poor immune system, stomach issues, more tension, and poor focus. Additionally, it decreases heart health and increases blood pressure. 

Anyone who practices meditation will surely get a good night’s sleep. It happens because meditation has the power to calm the racing thoughts and rising stress levels. So, the individual is able to experience REM sleep. REM means Rapid Eye Movement. Experiencing this stage of sleep has several benefits for a person. For instance, better capacity for new learning and memory, and better healing. Hence, meditation enhances sleep quality. 


Meditation Improves Hormonal Levels

Two famous chemicals that get significantly impacted by meditation are GH (Growth Hormone) and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Growth Hormone impacts height, bones, and muscles. It is very important for maintaining energy levels and internal motivation. 

DHEA is critical for the development of masculinization. In other words, this is important for the creation of sex hormones. The fun fact is that famous celebrities and personalities pay a lot of money to get the supplements of these hormones. 

Fortunately, meditation helps in the production of both of the above hormones. Hence, one can maintain youthfulness without spending a lot of money. 


Meditation for a Long Term Change

Fizzy and energy drinks are temporary solutions for enhancing energy levels. A serious problem with it is that the blood sugar gets a short spike and then there is a serious crash experienced by the individuals. Those who meditate regularly report that they do not need their coffee anymore to wake up in the morning. With this long-term benefit of the meditation practice, one experiences a long-term change inside. Hence, it is a great motivation for dropping sugary drinks and opting for a meditation exercise. 


Meditation Improves Stress Reduction Ability

It is completely understandable that one can feel exhausted at the end of the day after long hours of working. But there is a problem which is related to it that humans do not work on problem-solving until it gets out of control. It means that people let their exhaustion and stress accumulate inside until a bigger disease surfaces and they have to do something urgently. 

Multiple researchers have supported the stress reduction potential of meditation exercises. Hence, meditation greatly improves the stress reduction ability of its users. 


Steps for Guided Meditation to Energize Your Body and Mind


  1. Choose a meditation that is suitable for you. In this case, it will be guided meditation for improving energy levels. 
  2. Now search for a comfortable position and try to relax but do not push yourself into relaxation. It will have the opposite impact i.e. you will feel stressed. While sitting in a comfortable position, focus on the flow of breath and the state of relaxation that arises from it.
  3. It is important to follow the given instructions and pay undivided attention. It can be hard to focus on the voice at first but it will be okay after a few moments in the meditation session. When the relaxation sets in, focus on maintaining it. You can also try shifting the focus from breath to thoughts or feelings. 
  4. Going into a meditation session with an open mind is important. It is because the trained professionals can give instruction that can seem weird. So, during the session do your best to go with the flow. Then after the session, you can ask the question and reso0lve your personal query.
  5. Finally, Take your time and practice self-compassion. In other words, do not rush things. Not giving up the practice should be the topmost priority.



Meditation sessions are crucial for not only developing a connection with others but also with oneself. Having a deep connection with oneself means that the person will pay attention to their needs and make effort to satisfy them timely. Meditation restores energy levels through positive brain changes, better sleep quality, and stress reduction. As meditation is about self-growth, Sixees is also a platform that aims toward personal development with meditation exercises. So, they offer valuable courses.

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